MagyarBrands 2018

The MagyarBrands (The HungarianBrands) program has been classifying, presenting, acknowledging and awarding the best and the most successful Hungarian brands for the last 9 years.
The last few years have proved that this acknowledgment is great help for the consumers: this prize - being the force of excellence - is a determining compass for the buyers’ decisions.
The program values exclusively brands which were produced in Hungary or those that were produced, established with the participation of Hungarians.
The selecting process of the program is very complex: a brand can be granted this prize by going through multiple monitoring of financial data and by the unanimous decision of the consumers and experts.
The making of the HungarianBrands award happens in virtue of quantifiable criterions, which is afterwards by supplemented by the decision of a voluntary, autonomous committee.
By receiving points three main categories are created for the awarded.
On the basis of the decision of the committee AGROLOG-HUNGARIA Ltd. is referred to as an OUSTANDING BRAND, one of the top brands in Hungary.